Ph.D Student @ UC San Diego

I’m a fourth year Computer Science Ph.D. student at UC San Diego where I’m advised by Alex Snoeren. I’m also a member of Systems and Networking and Circuit Switching research groups, and my research interests broadly lie in distributed systems and (high performance) networking. I'm currently working on building systems for disaggregated memory, for which I also collaborate with Radhika Niranjan Mysore and Marcos K. Aguilera at VMware Research.


CoResident Evil: Covert Communication In The Cloud With Lambdas [ paper | talk | code ]

Anil Yelam, Shibani Subbareddy, Keerthana Ganesan, Stefan Savage and Ariana Mirian

The Web Conference ‘21

SmartNIC Performance Isolation with FairNIC [ paper | talk | code (proprietary) ]

Stewart Grant*, Anil Yelam*, Maxwell Bland and Alex C. Snoeren


(* Co-first authors)



Email: ayelam(AT)ucsd(DOT)edu

Office: CSE 3140

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About me

I grew up in this small village in Southern India. I received my bachelors degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2014 and I spent the next four years working at Microsoft (Belgrade 2014-16 and Seattle 2016-18) as a Software Engineer in Azure SQL Database team, building services that support SQL databases and SQL Server VMs on Microsoft Azure. I’m an avid reader and I like literary fiction; García Márquez is my favorite author (and Salman Rushdie, a close second). I also love playing Tennis and Piano.